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    About Us



    Shanghai Xinda Fa/G-pin Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. - the "leader" of integrity enterprises in the printing industry in Shanghai, was established in 2001. Since its establishment, the company has been rated as a model unit of contract abiding and trustworthy by the Shanghai Administration for Industry and Commerce. The company is located in the central area of Shanghai and has always been supported and trusted by various units and peers, leading to the growing strength of Dafa.

    Our company integrates professional printing such as color printing plates and post press processing, and provides customers with exquisite printing works with its unique operating system. Since its establishment, the company has successively introduced several high-end printing machines from abroad, striving to stand at the forefront of the industry to ensure stable, efficient, and high-quality services.

    The company currently has German Heidelberg split UV machines, four split UV machines, split four color printing machines, and Gaobao full open printing machines, which can achieve high integration of pre press, post press, finished product delivery, and packaging transportation, providing customers with comprehensive and superior printing services.

    Shanghai Xinda Discovery has a young team full of vitality and maturity, which has started using quality management systems, world-class equipment, high-level technology, and comprehensive services in the industry.

    The business scope has involved industries such as finance, communication, electronics, education, automobiles, real estate, clothing, glasses, toys, food, medicine, audio, machinery, etc. The main products produced include various packaging paper boxes, various kraft paper bags, handbag bags, desk calendars, company brochures, various labels, children's picture books, gift boxes, non-woven environmental bags, color manuals, company samples, food packaging bags, plastic (PVC/PET/PP) plastic boxes, packaging corrugated boxes, etc.

    The company has established long-term business cooperation relationships with companies such as Jinsheng Insurance, Electrolux, Philips Electronics, Bosler, Kimberley, Becker Beer, Roche, Weihao Mei Food, Zhongheng Automotive Parts, General Motors, etc. The cooperation between Dafa and brand customers is not so much an opportunity as a foresight and strength.

    Shanghai New Dafa is based on a high starting point, creating high-quality products, always pursuing the needs of internationally renowned brand customers, and making unremitting efforts to build itself into a first-class printing enterprise in China. PS: The company focuses on the environmental attributes of its products and considers their sustainable development. Whether it is product design concepts, paper selection, or process structure requirements, we adhere to the principles of reduction, recycling, recycling, energy regeneration, and biodegradability. In terms of paper, we provide environmentally friendly paper, recycled paper, chlorine free bleaching and dyeing paper, low volatile organic compounds and other environmentally friendly inks. We invest in advanced printing equipment Minimize losses and environmental pollution during the printing process as much as possible; Utilizing the latest technology to simplify operations, improve efficiency, and minimize the use of harmful chemicals in the printing process, achieving a more scientific and environmentally friendly approach

    The company adheres to the principle of "inheriting printing civilization, creating excellent quality, high efficiency, integrity, and abiding by contracts", and adheres to the company philosophy of "personalized management, humanized service, never success, always starting point". Together, we strive to provide customers with high-quality and high-end printing and packaging products.

    Shanghai New Dafa - is your loyal business partner!











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